Thursday, February 17, 2011

Thirty Years (and a Giveaway!)

Well, I've officially hit the big 3-0 today. As in years. I told you that my grandma taught me not to worry about numbers, but that doesn't meant I'm going to share ALL numbers with you. Just my age. Because today is my birthday. Yes, thank you for the "Happy Birthday!" But that's not why I mentioned it. I wanted to give one of my dear readers a birthday gift. Well, it's not really from me, but you can get it for being one of my readers. Okay, okay, on with it already. What am I talking about?

Remember that book that I told you about? Yep, the dear folks at Vision Forum have graciously agreed to give away one copy of Large Family Logistics to one lucky blessed reader. I'm so excited, because I think it has the power to encourage you and to make your household run smoother whether you are a family of 3 or 20. It even has a short study on the Proverbs 31 woman in the first section.

To enter to win, leave a comment telling me how many children you have or if it's a gift for someone else, how you think they would benefit from this book.

For an extra entry, subscribe either by e-mail or in a reader and leave a separate comment letting me know. If you already do, thanks, just let me know in a comment.

Additional entries for:
  • blogging about this giveaway
  • sharing about this giveaway in your Facebook status
I'll close the giveaway Monday, Feb 21, at 9:00 P.M. Hope you win!

God bless you all!


    1. Hi! I have one dear little man...several more some day...God Willing! I have been on the lookout for a copy of this book on eBay and Amazon. Winning it would be even better than purchasing it used! Also I subscribe to your blog through Google Reader.
      Love your blog! Blessings ~ Jamie

    2. Hi. I have a 5 yr, 3 yr, 10 month old baby AND one on the way! Due in September! I am a stay at home mom who is homeschooling as well. I am a very POOR housekeeper and would love this book to help me. Also, my birthday was this week also. Tuesday the 15th I turned 33.
      Deanna Johnson from Texas

    3. I enjoy reading your blog, Jennifer. Frequently you give me some good thoughts I have not had before. My husband and I had one daughter. However, we are now in our retirement and caring for our three grand children because her husband left for a young girl. She and the children live with us now. Having six people in the house has been quite an adjustment for me. I am always looking for ideas to help me get the job done. This book sounds like it would help me with the task.
      God bless

    4. Jennifer,
      Happy birthday to a wonderful lady! As you know, I have 4 wonderful, active children. I receive your blog by e-mail and am a follower, as well. I posted this to my FB account. Thank you for all the wonderful and thought-provoking writing you share. I enjoy reading each one! You are a true blessing and friend!

    5. Happy Brthday to you. I ave 3 children 7, 5 and 2. We homeschool and O alays looking for ways to do things better, make things better for my family. Great giveaway.

      I am having a GREAT Givewaway on my blog as well come enter.

    6. I subscribe to your blog.

      Nice blog by the way.

    7. I have one child but not by choice. I would love to win this book b/c I have heard a lot of good about it and I have trouble with my housekeeping. I love your blog. Chris Williams

    8. Hi, Jen. I have 3 children and am also a homeschool mom. I am sure much could be learned from reading this book. Love your posts. So many times you are able to say exactly what I am feeling! Hope all is well at your home. Love...Missy

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    10. Me again...just wanted to let you know I posted about this on my FB wall. Happy Birthday! Hope your day is great!

    11. I am pregnant with my 5th child (and counting, God willing) due May 1. I also just turned 40 so need all the organization help I can get as I don't have the stamina I used to have. I did buy this book but gave it to a friend with 8 children who needed it more than me. Would love to have my own copy. Thanks!

      Happy Birthday!

    12. I am a homeschool Mom as well with four children ages 7, 5, 4, and almost six months. My husband declares me in desperate need of a scedule and lets just say my housework can use all the help it can get. :) I have only heard of this book on your blog, but am open to anything that might help me get more organized. Cindy

    13. I am a homeschool Mom with 4 kids (16, 13, 5, 1) plus my niece (4) and care of my Dad's house (my Mom died almost 2 years ago) as well as my own. Numerous "life changing" e^ents in the last 2 years ha^e left me not coping at all - I would welcome any help.

      I would happily share it with my 2 sisters and best friend - between us, we ha^e 17 little ones - and most of them are 6 or under! Our other sister (with 12 kids) got one for Christmas and lo^es it! but li^es too far away to let us borrow it.

    14. Happy belated birthday - 30 is young ! Enjoy it ! The former Miss T