Friday, December 31, 2010

Reflection and Relationships

In January, God provided my husband with a job...In February, God provided us with the news of our fourth child...In March, God provided for us financially while we waited for a delayed paycheck...In April, God provided my husband with a promotion...In May, God provided us with grace for a tough situation...In June, God provided healing from physical difficulties...In July, God provided comfort in the loss of a dear loved one...In August, God provided grace for surrender in some parenting issues...In September, God provided help with adjusting to home educating two children instead of one...In October, God provided us with a healthy, beautiful baby...In November, God provided us with peace about a difficult decision...In December, God provided us with hope for a new year before us.

On the last day of 2010, my wish for you is that you will either begin or grow in a relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. I wish that if you are married, you will put your best energies into a relationship with your husband. If you are or are not married, I wish you to make that phone call to connect with your parents and siblings, even if it is a phone call of apology and reconciliation. If your grandparents are still alive, I wish you to build memories with them in their final days. If you have children, I wish that you will put your best efforts into training and loving them. If they are too old for training, I wish that you will continue the loving and that it will extend to their children and grandchildren. Without relationships, this world is nothing. Without a relationship with our Creator and Lord, the next will be even worse than nothing. Don't wait to invest in relationships!

Many wishes for a blessed New Year,

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