Wednesday, November 10, 2010

What My Newborn Teaches Me About God

Nothing is quite like a "babymoon" with a new little life in the home. We've been enjoying it, and I've enjoyed the time off blogging. However, my blogger's mind keeps connecting life around our house with post ideas. I wrote here about how my third child taught me about being as a little child in Christ's kingdom. Today, I'll show you what I'm learning through our newest little one about how God relates to us:

Our little Joey delights us all. My husband soothes him to sleep when he's fussy by letting him fall asleep on his chest. My daughter holds him and writes him notes on the computer. My oldest son loves to hold his little hands and talk to him. And my second son just looks into his face, smiling and repeating his name.

Then there's me. Joey can do nothing for himself. He requires me to feed him, diaper him, bathe him and soothe him. But I love it...his eyes looking into mine while he eats, his little downy head nestled in my neck as he falls asleep, his finger wrapped around mine when he needs a soothing touch.

God loves us, too. Yes, we know that. But do we really comprehend how he longs for us to cry out to him, to fully depend on Him to meet our needs and to "cuddle up" next to Him for no other purpose than just to be with Him? He didn't create us for what we could do for Him any more than my husband and I had children for the benefits we could derive from them. He made us because He desires a relationship with us and He longs to meet our every need.

May each of us realize that we can do nothing for God, but He wants to be everything to us!

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  1. What a great post! It is awesome to remember the love that God has for everyone of us, and that He truly does want us to cuddle up to Him! Blessings!

  2. Quick note on are not new to this, I am sure, but mine teach me just as much if not more than I have the opportunity to teach them. God is good! Enjoy her while she is tiny, I sure miss those days more that I thought I would. When in the trenches it seems to be forever before they can go more than two hours without food. *smile* Now mine are both potty trained and reading and talking up a storm...seems like it happened over night with our youngest though. Again, I am sure you saw this before she joined the family, just had to put it down here...thanks. *smile* Sincerely, Mommy of two little blessings & so much more!