Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Wife Behind the Dream

A wife, upset because her husband doesn't help out around the house more, burns her husband's life's work.

Another ministry leader's wife sends letters to her husband's enemies to help them publicly slander him.

Yet another wife practices open contempt for her husband, even locking him in the bathroom as punishment.

Sound extreme? Maybe. Yet, each of these are actual women from history.

The first was the wife of Sequoya, a Cherokee Indian trying to help his people by writing a new form of the alphabet so they would be accepted in the settlements of frontier Americans. Although, he persevered and rewrote his alphabet, his people ultimately suffered the Trail of Tears.

The second was the wife of John Wesley, known as the Father of Methodism. Although he did much for the work of the Lord, his life was plagued for many years by a jealous wife trying to defeat his ministry.

The third, as told about in James Dobson's Hide or Seek, was wife to Lee Harvey Oswald, the man who allegedly assassinated President John F. Kennedy.

We as wives have a God-given privilege and duty to support our husbands' dreams. Who knows what a man can accomplish if he has a wife fully supporting him and encouraging him in all he endeavors to undertake?

Sadly, I've been in groups of women where they complained about their husbands' choice of work or ministry. They refused to step up next to him and make it possible for him to accomplish his goals, often to their own detriment and that of their children.

May I challenge you to fully support your husband's dreams today? I know, it's a bit risky. You may have to watch him fail a few times before he finds and achieves his God-given calling and purpose. His dreams may take a different turn than you had hoped. Are we willing to really be the help meet (or suitable) for our husbands? To encourage him and stand by him even when our own feelings try to get in the way? To realize that we just might not have all the answers like we think we do?

I hope that each of desire to be the woman whose husband's heart trusts in her and knows she will do him only good and not evil. You are the wife behind his dream--will you make it succeed or will you make it fail?

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