Monday, September 27, 2010

The Story of the Unpredictable Blogger

There was once a woman who went by the name Jen, or Honey or Mama or Moooooom! and other various things that her family and acquaintances concocted. She got the idea in January of 2009 to start a blog as a way to channel her unusual and varied thoughts onto the screen in the hopes that someone may benefit from them if only to get a good chuckle for their day.

She later realized the irony of writing about putting one's family first while said family languished in front of a screen or some other mindless entertainment (to borrow the style of Lemony Snicket: Languish is a word which here means to suffer the neglect of a mother with tunnel vision for her computer screen when she should be otherwise employed such as feeding them or keeping them from killing one another.). Therefore, she took breaks...frequent ones. Like summer-long ones.

After getting back into a reasonable schedule of blogging again with her children getting by reasonably as well, she began nesting. This was due to the fact that she was, well, due soon with a new little one and the thought occurred to her that it may be nice for the child to have clothes and a bed ready when he arrived. Understandably this thought should have occurred to her much earlier, but in the fog of the last weeks of pregnancy, it hit her brain with urgency (or at least the ability to do something about it).

So, she prepared the baby's room and sat down at the computer screen in order to prepare her posts ahead so her readers wouldn't miss out while she was occupied with essential things like making a mad dash for the hospital, suffering great pain (I like stories with a hint of tragedy to them) and begging hospital employees to please let her take her child and go home already. Of course, the anticipated arrival home also brought with it the anticipation of about 3 months of 4 hours of sleep in each 24 hour period, not necessarily in consecutive order.

Being one to plan ahead (even if no action is done, planning feels like one is being productive), Jen decided to dispense with blogging until after the birth of the baby so as to concentrate on the preparation for this great event which has only occurred three other times in her lifetime. Her last meaningful thought for you very patient readers is that she is glad they didn't decide to remodel any rooms this time. Oh wait, that's not it! Um, it is that she hopes you all will keep checking your e-mail/readers/the website because you never know when pictures of the new little one will be posted.

No, the Unpredictable Blogger is not in labor but she is officially full term today.

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