Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Homekeeper's Journal: Children

In light of the recent comments on my last post, I thought this was perfect timing for this journal entry from and this week's homekeeper's journal post. Let it be known that I LOVE my children and there is NOTHING I would rather be doing than caring for and loving them every single day. Any moments of pain that come from rearing my children are only borne out of my love for them and deep involvement in their lives.

                                                                                             Pics from vacation last fall

Now, on to the journal:

I can directly influence these children … four blessings from God: Jessica, Jeffery, Jerrod and Joey.

Some specific ways that  I see my influence in my children are …their love for learning and books and hopefully, an awareness and desire for God.

The biggest area needing improvement in how I see my children is ...always realizing they are on loan from God with me as His agent to care for them.

My greatest joy in my children is ... seeing them grow towards and in a relationship with the Lord and His will for their lives.

The best thing I ever did for my children was … heed my husband's desire to be a full-time, stay-at-home mom which has since become my calling in life along with schooling them at home.

One thing I want to be sure to impart to my children is ….to follow God's will for their lives even when it doesn't seem to make sense or when it hurts because it will give them the greatest fulfillment and joy. Everything they do on earth is only practice and preparation for the reality of eternity.

This needs great prayer and thought regarding my children …..oh my! This changes often, but right now, when they are little, my prayers and thoughts are directed towards introducing them to and encouraging them to pursue a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.


  1. Jen thank you so much for participating in the Homekeeper's Journal. I love your blog! Keep on writing and keep on sharing! <3

  2. Very sweet. I am with you on the deep love for our two little ones. They are growing fast; it's a bit overwhelming at times. I love being a mommy and love joking with them about things and listening to them play together. The screaming and fighting take place, but overall, it's my little slice of heaven right here at home. *smile* Praise God for His many blessings including but not soly my beloved hardworking husband and our two young children. *smile* Have a great day! Sincerely, Mommy of two little blessings & so much more!

  3. I have so many of those same desires! I want my children to be effective members of God's Kingdom, not just pew-warmers!

  4. Amen, Stacie! Thanks to all of you for your thoughtful comments.

  5. Your kids are so adorable! Love that photo of your little guy!