Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Is Once-A-Month Shopping for You?

While I envy those women who can cook the month's meals in one day and simply pull them from the freezer for the rest of the month, I have not reached that level of efficiency. Maybe someday....when my family starts liking casseroles and lasagna. Or when I can cook for 8 hours straight without a child under my feet whining for a drink or a snack and two more children duking it out in the living room. Or when I can afford to buy all the Pyrex dishes it would take. In other words, when my children are grown and it is just me and my husband who can finally enjoy meals out without tipped drinks and children trying to stand on their chairs in the middle of a restaurant and fights over who gets the red crayon. Yeah....I know, why start then?

Anyway...this summer I have taken a step towards peace of this sort by going grocery shopping once a month. Pretty much. You might think it's not worth trying for some of the reasons I cited above and for a few more of your own. That's fine with me. I'm just going to share what I do in case it helps someone. There are three things that factor into this without which I would probably NOT try it:

1. My husband gets paid once a month making it easy for me to take my whole month's grocery budget at one time.

2. I can do my shopping on a Saturday when my husband is home to stay with the kids (and help me unload groceries when I get home!).

3. I have an extra freezer in my basement.
 I will be sharing in two more posts how I do this. Maybe you can take away a few of the ideas for your own family. Or maybe you can see once and for all that this NOT an option for your home.  Either way, be sure to check back.


  1. I think your reason that your husband gets payed once a month is a great reason so grocery shop accordingly is a great thing. My beloved gets payed twice a month so we do it this way. Though the idea of once a month sounds nice and only going on this errand once a month seems appealing, what we do works well for us. *smile* I am interested to see how yours works though. *big smile* Have a great day growing in God. Sincerely, Mommy of two little blessings & so much more!

  2. That's great! Anything that limits the number of times we have to go to the store. I would do every two weeks in your situation, too. Hopefully my plan can be adapted no matter how often one shops. It's probably nothing new, but it helps me to get it written down.