Sunday, April 18, 2010

Taking Time To Focus

I remember my husband having a book of pictures among his things when we got married. The pages didn't look like they had pictures on them, but once I focused on the middle of the page without being distracted by the splotches of seemingly random colors and shapes, a picture began to emerge and then that was all I could see. It took me awhile to learn to be patient enough and to learn the technique required to focus in on the photo, however.

Over the last few months, I've felt myself at the same place although the picture is much bigger and the "random splotches" are much more involved. Although it's a little fuzzy right now, the picture is emerging: I see children than need more loving shepherding and a home that needs more careful tending. I see a husband with which I want to spend more time, and some friends with which I want to sit down and connect in "real life". I see some family activities to be experienced. I see some phone calls I want to make and some "stationary and pen" letters I want to write. I see those craft and science kits my daughter got for Christmas that have never made it out of the cupboard because Mom has been busy. I see those games that are gathering dust in the top of the closet that my son forgot he had because Mommy hasn't had time to play them for awhile. I see that stack of board books in which my baby is gaining more interest but Mama hasn't read to him in the hustle and bustle of the busyness I call "life". I see a date night that is going to pass us by this month if I don't take the time to plan it.

I'm still trying to sort out the "random splotches" and the fuzzy picture, but for now, I'm limiting my time on the computer. I'm not giving up blogging, just taking a break for awhile. How long? I don't know, maybe a month, maybe the summer, maybe until after the baby is born. Like I said, the picture is still fuzzy and the random splotches are still kind of running into it. But I'll be back......when the picture is fully focused and my eyes can see the truly important again.


  1. you spoke my mind...I'll keep you in my prayers, that God will lead you to see the picture more clearly. God Bless!

  2. Thanks, Cyndi! Prayers are always appreciated!

  3. You are making a wise choice that God will bless. Our babies are only that for a short while. The time goes so quickly! I am always so excited to see a mom choosing her children and husband over all else. This is your highest calling! :) Embracing it is the sweetest gift you can give yourself and your family. May you be blessed dear sister in the Lord as your little babe is nurtured and grows inside the secret place and as you mother your precious lambs and as you stand beside your wonderful husband as his helpmeet and friend. I once had the blog the joy of cloth diapering. I struggled with the time I spent in front of the computer. I went on a month long fast that showed me some things. I quit blogging except for this - to spread encouragement where I have found it - as I am in the trenches myself. I am in need of encouragement and am not in the place to offer counsel just yet. I am a mother of three under 5 and am trusting God for more blessings! :) As I write to you today, it is early yet and my family has not risen. Once they do, the computer is off! Your blog has been one of three that I have kept up with after my fast. I found that otherwise it becomes very overwhelming and time consuming. It also clouds our judgement as so many mom's have their own way of doing things. The voices become so loud it is hard for me to hear the Lord speaking in His still small voice. He has gently led me to a sweet place where I can sit at the feet of wise counsel. I encourage you to check it out if you haven't already and tell every mom you know to tap into it. It is a real Titus 2 ministry and has blessed me. Enjoy your little ones, your pregnancy, your husband and your home. These are good and perfect gifts from God. He chose YOU for the job as He has full confidence in you that you will lead his little lambs right back to HIM!