Friday, February 12, 2010

Celebrating Love on Valentine's Day

It's almost Valentine's Day. This will be our twelfth to celebrate our love. Just another commercial holiday? Perhaps. But we embrace every opportunity to celebrate. Why? Isn't is just about "fluff" and romance and forcing husbands to buy expensive gifts for us? Maybe--if you're looking at it from Hallmark's perspective. However, we choose to celebrate something a little deeper--it's called LOVE.

Yes, I know. Another over-commercialized term. However, this is what real love means to me---to us.

  • Real love is knowing as I look into my husband's eyes that I would gladly die for him and to live without him would leave me ripped and torn because we are one.
  • Real love is realizing as I gaze into my baby's face that I have already gone through the valley of the shadow of death for her and would do it all over again.
  • Real love is experiencing a relationship with a Savior Whose heart bled for my sin while I turned my back on Him, yet met me with open arms when I found that I could not live without Him.
You see, love has a lot to do with dying. Dying to my own wishes to please another. Sacrificing my whims and plans to realize the dreams of someone else. Giving up my own rights to make another's world right. A life of service rather than a life of satisfaction.

Will you find this on a greeting card? Probably not. It wouldn't sell. Perhaps because real love is priceless. Try it, and you'll find something no money can buy.

Have a Happy Holy Valentine's Day! Celebrate love!

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