Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Where I Have Been and Other Random Thoughts

A friend not-so-gently reminded me of my obligation to you readers to put out my posts consistently (which is currently supposed to be three times a week). I guess I owe everyone an explanation as to why you haven't heard much from me.

1. Sick child. My oldest son has had the virus that causes croup since Thursday evening. Although his fever is gone and his breathing is much better, he is still not feeling himself. My first priorities are always being a wife and mother, so that has taken precedence over writing blog posts.

2. Hospitality. In the last week, we have had someone in our home every day, with two exceptions, to eat with us. This is not usual for me, but I have enjoyed being blessed and trying to be a blessing to others--mostly family members. Preparing meals and conversing with company doesn't lend a lot of time to writing blog posts. I try to put "real life and real people" ahead of my online world although I do realize that all of you out there are, in fact, real people with real lives.

3. New Pursuits. If you read on the blog (as opposed to by e-mail or through a reader), you will already know that I have a few affiliates with which I have been dealing. I've also joined Thomas Nelson's book review team which you can also see from the sidebar and which you will be hearing about later this week. I have a few writing assignments in the nearish future to complete as well.

4. Soul searching. That sounds a bit too philosophical for what has actually been going on, but for lack of a better term, there it is. I'm trying to decide exactly what direction the Lord has for this blog and my writing in general. I get occasional comments and e-mails from you, but frankly, I'm not really sure if you all are out there! :-) I'm not sure if you are getting anything from my feeble attempts to write from my heart. I want to best redeem my time for the Kingdom, so I'm praying for focus. Some of who I consider to be among the best in the Christian blogging world have decided to cut back and give their blogging time to their families. It is a fine tight rope of balance that I want to tread carefully as well.

So...what am I saying? I have a few favors to ask of you if you feel it on your heart to help me with my focus as it relates to blogging.
  • Pray for me. Many of you have become dear friends instead of "just" readers. I desire and ask for your prayers that the Lord will lead me in what He wants me to do with Joy Ever After. Bring me and my humble little blog before the Lord as He brings us to your mind. I strive to glorify Him in all I do and redeem the time for His purpose for my life.
  • Comment. I know we are all busy. I'm not the only one trying to strike a balance between family and computer time. Yet sometimes I feel as though I am writing into a vacuum. If you all don't comment back, my words just seem like a monologue and though you might hear my heart, I cannot hear yours. I welcome your comments, even if they are of the not-so-gentle variety that I referred to earlier. 
  • Feedback. In the next weeks, as I seek the Lord's face for this blog and my writing, I would appreciate it if you would take time to e-mail me and let me know what posts have spoken the most to you and what type of posts you would like to read in the future on this blog. What improvements can I make? What suggestions do you have? This blog is from me, but it is for you. So let me know what I can do to better minister to you.
I thank God for each of you and thank you for reading these rambling thoughts. God is working in all of our lives, and I want to be sensitive to His will for me. God bless you all!

With Joy,


  1. We're out here, and we're reading :) Not living so close anymore, I love coming over here and hearing the Jen I miss so much!

  2. Thanks, Sara! Now you're going to make me cry! Come on over, coffee's on!

  3. Hi Jen,

    I am sorry I don't post much, but I do read your blog with great regularity. I have it saved in my feeds and whenever it updates I read it. I do enjoy hearing from you and all the enriching things you have to say.


  4. I'm out here too! I regularly read your post as it comes into my inbox. I am especially encouraged as I read about being a godly wife and mother. I have 3 little ones, and I'm looking for all the guidance in that area from godly counsel. Please keep writing.

  5. I love your blog. Every time I get a chance to read your posts I am usually very inspired and touched. I think you're a wonderful writer and I am thrilled to get to know you more. I will pray for you and I really hope God moves on your heart to continue it and to not become weary in well doing! I definitely understand feeling like you're wasting precious time and family and God time must come first, but I know I love hearing from you and I'd be sad to see less of you around here!

    I love your posts about balancing life, especially that one about "a day" in the life of a mom trying to get up early and study the bible!! That one is my favorite. I appreciate reading things that are relevant to me as a Christian mom, even if it's a great recipe you have or a parenting thing you've learned. I love learning about other people and learning lessons and tips from them I can apply in my every day life.

    I certainly hope your little guy feels better soon and I encourage you as a mom and fellow blogger to keep your head up and your heart cheerful in all that you do!!

  6. Jen, I do read your blogs. I love them, even if I don't always let you know. I am sorry, I will try to do better in letting you know that I read your blogs. I am not good with words. Also, even tho I am a grandma and not a mom with young kids anymore I still love what you write. Keep it up.