Saturday, October 10, 2009

Celebrating Sweetest Day Week

As you know, I'm all about celebrations and Sweetest Day is coming up this week. Now, don't start with the "Bah, humbugs" and grumblings about "Hallmark holidays". I'm not selling candy or anything! :-) I think it is always a great idea to honor those that are special in our lives. Although Sweetest Day is generally regarded as a second Valentine's Day and makes us think of time with our husbands, it is actually a holiday for sweet gestures towards all of our loved ones.

I'm going to share about some "sweet" people in my life this week, and I hope to hear about yours. You can participate on your blog or just in the comments, but I'd love to hear about your special people. I will try to post a new one each day to honor and give you a little "assignment" you can do for your own special person to honor.

So, get your thinking caps on and think of some special people in your life, then be sure to stop back every day next week to see how to honor those people!