Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Things I Learned In Our First Week Of Homeschooling

1. My baby can actually move farther than I thought when he is completely ignored during a Bible lesson.

2. It is difficult to teach Math with a baby hanging on the back of your skirt.

3. Sometimes children learn traditional things in non-traditional ways. My son prefers taking his basketball hoop apart with his toy tools rather than throwing a basketball through the hoop.

4. My 7-year-old who plays "Ode to Joy" 20 times in a row is bored with "In the Hall of the Mountain King" while my 4-year-old who never sits still is still mesmerized by it after the 10th time.

5. My baby is scared of "In the Hall of the Moutain King" even though he doesn't understand the story line of Peer Gynt. (Music is a powerful communicator!)

6. Legos work better than Unifix cubes because they come in different sizes and are much more versatile. My 1-year-old uses his to teeth on (the big ones) while my 4-year-old builds a boat with his medium sized ones and my 7-year-old practices addition with the small ones.

7. I can not do traditional exercises in Physical Education and expect my kids to be on board. They hate arm twirls as much as I did in gym class. (Why did that surprise me?) Now we call them "games".

8. I can complete school before lunch time if we really focus.

9. Some days I can only complete 3 subjects before lunch time no matter how much I focus.

10. Packing for vacation during the first week of school is kind of like swimming the Atlantic and climbing Mount Everest at the same time.

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