Wednesday, September 30, 2009

How Frugal Are You?

Here is a quiz to see how frugal you are:

1. You jump in the shower and realize you have no shaving cream. You:

a. Don't shave at all.
b. Use some bar soap.
c. Shave using your hair conditioner.
d. Send your husband to the store and ask him to buy you your favorite brand.

2. Your family is on a long car trip. You have four hours left to drive and your kids are hungry. You:

a. Tell them a little hunger will provide character.
b. Pull out some snacks you packed beforehand.
c. Pull into McDonald's and order off the dollar menu.
d. Stop for a five-course dinner at an expensive restaurant.

3. Your son tears a hole in his last pair of jeans. You:

a. Tell him that torn jeans are in style and to wear them anyway.
b. Patch them up with some material you have on hand.
c. Take him to the thrift store to buy some "new" jeans.
d. Ask him if he prefers Eddie Bauer or Ralph Lauren before you head to the mall.

4. Your best friend asks you to be in her wedding with the understanding you will pay for your dress. You:

a. Ask if denim from your closet will match the color scheme.
b. Look for the bride's choice of dress on Ebay.
c. Pay for the dress the bride chooses even though you know you will never wear it again (and consider that you may be able to sell it on Ebay).
d. Pay for the dress and find cute accessories to go with it, offering to buy the same ones for the whole bridal party so everyone will be coordinated.

5. Valentine's Day is coming up and you know your husband will be getting you something. You:

a. Tell him three months ahead of time that you have always thought it silly to celebrate Valentine's Day and that everyday expressions of love are enough to make you happy.
b. Say nothing about it and hope he forgets.
c. Agree ahead of time how much you will spend on Valentine's Day presents and stick to it.
d. Hint for the three months ahead of time that you have always wanted to go on a cruise the week of February 14.

6. It's nearing Christmas and your kids have been begging for the latest video game system. You:

a. Tell them absolutely not, if an orange was good enough for Grandma it is good enough for them.
b. Tell them they'll have to wait and see and buy them a new outfit.
c. Tell them they'll have to wait and see and buy them last year's system.
d. Tell them of course you will and buy all the newest games to go with it.

7. Your friend surprises you by bringing lunch over--in an Arby's bag. You:

a. Tell her you couldn't think of eating fast food with all the starving people in the world.
b. Thank her profusely and carefully iron out all the sandwich wrappers to use later.
c. Tell her thank you and reciprocate a few weeks later.
d. Tell her that she has started an awesome daily tradition and that you will bring McDonald's over tomorrow.

8. Your mother calls and asks for gift recommendations for your daughter's upcoming birthday. You:

a. Suggest that she make a donation to a charity instead of giving a present to your daughter.
b. Suggest a thrift store gift card because she could really use some new clothes.
c. Give her a list of a few inexpensive but quality things your daughter would enjoy.
d. Give her the website of your daughter's birthday gift registry.

9. Your family decides to splurge and go out to dinner. You:

a. Vote for waters and splitting an order of fries at Burger King.
b. Vote for waters and splitting an appetizer at Denny's.
c. Use coupons to get buy-one-get-one-free dinners for the adults and go on Kids Eat Free night.
d. Order drinks, appetizers, salads, entrees and dessert for each person at a fancy restaurant and tip the waiter 25%.

10. You really love your morning cup of coffee. Your daily tradition is:

a. To brew a cup of coffee in your coffee pot using the same grounds for three days.
b. To brew a cup of coffee in your coffee pot and split it with your husband.
c. To make a pot of coffee each morning and save the leftover coffee for iced coffees later.
d. To stop by Starbucks on the way to work and on the way home for your grande latte with a double shot of syrup and whipped cream.

Your results:
a - You are hopelessly frugal.
b - You are frugal to a bit of an extreme.
c - You will raise some eyebrows but you're pretty balanced.
d - You could use a few budget cuts.

This is meant totally tongue-in-cheek therefore it need not offend you if any of the examples are actual scenarios in your life! :-)


  1. Lady Jen,
    I think these ideas you came up with are really good examples. I chose the right ones, really! I feel like you do. We do need to be very careful in these areas. I believe it is pleasing to God. I like the new look of your blog.
    It takes me so long to write a blog & put pictures in. You are so good at it. You;re a good writer.

    Pink Ribbon

  2. I meant this as more of a fun post, but I'm glad you got some help from it! :-)

    Thanks for your kind words!

  3. LoL. Very fun! I'm a mixture of b's and c's! :) It's good to remember not to go overboard on things (even saving money)!

  4. Wow, I was actually all C's! Great quiz, thanks for posting! :)

  5. I picked Ds Cs and Bs. But mostly Ds and Cs. But we wouldn't survive if I wasn't that frugal. I've lived that way my whole life, and when housing costs nearly half of your income (and it's the cheepest option out there - unless you want to live in a tent?) - then you get really frugal, really fast. I would love to go buy birthday and Christmas gifts without worry about money - just buy what I know the person would love instead. Last year we bought cheep white wash rags, tie dyed them and decorated them. Made homemade soap - and wrapped them up together. Total cost for 50 friends and relatives was $20. Somehow though - my kids are pretty happy and content, and we have some great relatives that do buy nice items for them for Christmas.