Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Guest Post: Why I Send My Child to a Christian School

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In a generation where education is important, I think we should take seriously our choice for our children's education. Sending my child to a Christian School gives me the assurance that she is receiving good, solid academics in a spiritually sound atmosphere. Of course, choosing which Christian School to send your child to requires much consideration and prayer. The one we chose coincides with our doctrinal beliefs. This will only reinforce to our child what she is being taught in our home, and help her realize that it's not just what "Mom and Dad" do, but it's what the Bible says, and there are others that embrace these same truths. She will be rooted in the truth at an early age so that when she does face secular opinions she will have a solid knowledge of the truth.

I feel that our child will also receive the necessary social skills that will equip her for life. She will learn to come under another person's authority. She will gain proper independence. Because of the many roles a Mother plays in a child's life, I felt it was good not to have me as her school teacher as well.

Cara is a 29-year-old stay at home Mom. God has blessed her and her husband with a beautiful five-year-old daughter who is starting Kindergarten this Fall. They are expecting another one of God's blessings to arrive in their home in November. Cara will be celebrating 8 years of marriage to her wonderful husband, Keith, whom she has had the wonderful privilege of sharing the responsibilities of pastoring a church. They are currently residing in Pennsylvania where they assume the position of Assistant Pastor and wife at a God's Missionary Church. She blogs about their lives at JustBunches!

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