Monday, June 29, 2009

Strawberries and Waterfalls

Our first day of "staycation" went pretty well. I slept in an hour and half later than usual. It felt sort of weird and I had a lot of catch up to do, but the rest was good.

Our kids' top activity preference for the week was to go berry picking (they chose this over an amusement park or a science center). So, in the very last week of berry season, we packed up and drove a half an hour to one of the few strawberry patches left open. After finally getting the last child smeared with sunscreen, I was helping my husband get the baby into the carrier and noticed that his diaper--for the first time in his 9 months--had leaked all the way up his back! Although I had plenty of wipes, I did not have an extra set of clothes (of course), so we had to strip him and slather him with more sunscreen. I was able to save his pants, thankfully. All in all, it went well and we are looking forward to making jam together tomorrow.

Jessica, my little worker, diligently filled up a basket several times.

Jeffery probably trampled more strawberries than he picked. Here is a rare moment being still.

Jerrod, getting in on the action.

After a snack and a few detours (I found the neatest natural foods market!), we went on a nature hike. The kids found a bird nest in the parking lot and a beaver beside the falls at the end of our hike.The picture's not real great, but you can see the waterfall.

It was so pretty, Jerrod was mesmerized by it, so I had to snap this adorable picture.

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