Thursday, June 11, 2009

House Tour: Dining Room and Kitchen

Dining Room



  1. I love your gorgeous oak dining table. The trim around the dining room is a perfect accent to it. very pretty and elegant dining room. Your kitchen is my favorite color. :) It has always lifted my spirits and I've always wanted a yellow kitchen. Perhaps one day, when we decide to paint, I will make that dream happen. I noticed the little magnetic letters on the side of your stove. Cute! :) We've got a leap frog alphabet magnetic set a lot like that. Between you and me, sometimes the noises and music that thing makes drive me crazy! Thanks for posting your pretty pics.

  2. Don't tell anyone, but the batteries on the Leap From magnets died with one of my last children (may have been my 7yo, lol). Now they just use it noise-free, which is fine by me! :-)

  3. I like the lovely yellow on the walls in the kitchen. It's so bright and cheery. I just did a kitchen tour on my blog, and was trying to figure out what color I want to paint mine. I might have just gotten an idea!

  4. I was ready for something new when we did our remodel a couple of years ago. I really enjoy the yellow, too!

    By the way, in my previous comment I didn't mean that one of my children and the Leap Frog batteries died simultaneously! I think my English teacher warned me about such things!