Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Links and Book Review: Devotional Life edition

I've been reading one of my favorite books for homekeepers again, Passionate Housewives Desperate for God by Jennie Chancey and Stacy McDonald. No doubt, many of you have read it and received much encouragement from it. Since my topic is devotional life this week, I am only going to focus on Chapter 4, entitled "Weary Women".

A quote from the chapter that took me by surprise the first time I read it was:
"Spending time with God and in His Word is crucial, but don't set yourself up for disappointment by expecting a regular time of peaceful bliss in prayer and quiet solitude."
My first thought was that this was some kind of heresy. However, as I read the advice of this mother of many, I began to understand what she was saying. A few other quotes that stood out to me were these:

"Make His Word a continuous presence in Your day."
"Accept that this is your 'noisy season'."
"Make room in your prayer closet for your children."
"Find Him in the commotion of everyday life."
This is a must-read book for every wife and mother! Apparently, the advice in the book is advocated by other experienced women as you'll find in the links I've included below.

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  1. I appreciated this book immensely... especially the part about "accept this as your noisy season." It was greatly encouraging to me... to not let it all slip away in wanting something God does not have for me right now.