Friday, April 24, 2009

In My Home This Week

In the kitchen...I cleaned my refrigerator as soon as I got home from the grocery store, got out my grandmother's pretty dishes and filled them with my fruits and vegetables. I wanted to take a picture of my refrigerator and counters, but every camera in the house was down. Grr!

We've enjoyed our VitaMix and green smoothies. I made the Raspberry Syrup from their website for my pancakes Monday morning. Yum! I'm also attempting to replace my breakfast with a green smoothie every morning. It would work pretty well if the kids would stop drinking them all before I get any!

I tried this recipe for Peanut Butter Granola Bars and they were yummy, but I couldn't get them to stay together. We ended up having to eat them as regular granola. The only thing I did different from the recipe was use butter instead of margarine and natural peanut butter. Any suggestions?

I didn't buy any bread this week, but I'm not sure it's saving us money. We could eat a loaf a day of this bread! And so easy...just how I like it.

In the bedroom...
I finally got all my furniture moved in! It's such a comfortable, inviting place. All I have left to do is decorate the walls. Trying to get up the nerve to actually drive nails into those walls that hadn't been painted for too many years!

In the kids' room...
We moved in the tall bookcase and did some (more) rearranging. I'm so excited to have a bookshelf that is not spilling least until we fill it up! Did anyone know we love books at our house? Just wondered.

On my nightstand...Speaking of books, I am currently reading Food Is Your Best Medicine by Henry Bieler, M.D. I'm also still in the middle of The Plug In Drug by Marie Winn and Traveling the Pilgrim's Path by Craig and Janet Parshall.

In the yard...My wonderful husband brought me flowers this week! No, not some roses that will die in a few days, but flowers for our flower bed. (Romance grows more practical as we approach our 10th anniversary!) He also brought me some herbs for my windowsill herb garden. He and the kids planted them in a little greenhouse contraption he brought home and will transplant them outside when the weather is just a tad bit warmer.

In the schoolroom...We have completely finished Science and at the end of this week, we will be finished with Bible, Heritage Studies and Spelling! Only three more subjects to go. I'm counting down...20 more days...Lord willing!

Big lesson learned...If you're not sure what that spot on the carpet is, resist touching it with your finger. It probably is what you're hoping it's not!

Now it's your turn! Do an In My Home This Week post on your blog (or in the comments, if you don't have a blog) and link back here. Go ahead, be creative and make your own categories to reflect what has been going on in your home. I'm looking forward to reading them!


  1. Jen, I just posted my "In My Home" thread on my blog. Come on over and check out my first attempt.

  2. Jen, I wanted to add a personal note. You may feel free to keep this here as I am always happy to make comments like this public, or just read and delete. Use it as you wish.

    I have been reading your blog for a while, a lot longer than I have commented. You are such a breath of fresh air and a light in the blog world. Even among Christian women bloggers, you are one that stands out, above the rest. It's probably not even you, per se, but the way you allow Christ to shine through you in everything you write and do on here.

    When I see a new post up by you, I get excited to see what wisdom, laugh, or fun idea you might throw my way via your blog. I can feel the compassion, love, and emotions coming from your words. You truly seem to have a heart for Christ, and it shines in everything you say.

    Please know that I appreciate you very much and value my time reading your words. Thank you for being the light in the darkness. You are truly a blessing.

  3. I am humbled by your sweet words. Thank you so much! Also, thanks for participating in this experimental meme. I'm comin' on over to check it out...

  4. Hi Jennifer! I really like your blog! We recently bought a Vita Mix, too, and we really love it! We try to make one or two smoothies, per day in it. I love how you don't even have to add any sweetener to it.Many blessings to you!