Friday, April 17, 2009

The Healing of Home

During this last week, amid the excitement and blessing of the Easter holiday, my thyroid decided to go haywire and threw me into an intense emotional, and even spiritual, battle. I cried to God for healing and help and comfort. I rationalized that this was only an emotional thing and tried to "talk my way out of it". I received counsel from older, wiser people and my dear husband. However, it wasn't until I returned from a long, busy weekend and entered my own front door that God began to work my healing.

Our front door opens into our living room which was filled with Easter baskets that the kids had dumped as we hurried to the next "big family event". They had hastily changed from their Easter outfits into more comfortable clothes so those were strewn about. I even had dishes stacked in the kitchen to tackle from my contributions to our various Easter feasts. Yet, as I walked in, peace enveloped me. I was home.

I spent the next days tidying and cleaning, which is still in progress, but as I knelt before the Lord one morning, He spoke to me through the Psalms. "One thing...will I seek after; that I may dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life, to behold the [delightfulness] of the Lord." How beautiful! Just to curl up in the big, comfy chair and rest back on the Lord because He is delightful. He is our source of help, comfort and peace.

May our hearts be healed through our physical homes that they be a place of comfort and rest for all who dwell therein. In reality, they are a reflection, poor though it may be, of our blessed Heavenly Home in which there will be no tears, no anxiety and no fear.

How does your home bring comfort to you and remind you of your Heavenly home?

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