Friday, March 20, 2009

In My Home This Week

Since, as I've told you before, I struggle with many aspects of homemaking; I've decided to add this as a fairly regular feature instead. If it bores you to read about my week, then just skip over this post. However, you may find some of the links helpful, so don't write it off too quickly! :-)

In the kitchen....I decided not to use the homemade mayo recipe I posted last week since it uses raw eggs. I am a little leery of this especially since I don't have a good source for free-range eggs. I am going to try this one instead. I did use my bread machine to make pita bread. It was a big success, and I can't wait to try the whole wheat one. Trying to decide how to use up what was in my freezer, I pulled out some of the cooked hamburger to make goulash. It turns out I was missing a few key ingredients. So, stretching my creative powers to their limits, I made Mexican goulash complete with mozzarella cheese since the kids had finished the cheddar at lunch and the last of the Fritos (oops, I'll have to add extra onions to my husband's sandwich tomorrow!). One of my children had three helpings, so it must not have been too bad. However, I think I'd better make a trip to the grocery store tomorrow!

My deal of the week....
new sheets for our beds! The colors are a little crazy since they were on clearance, but The Company Store had them as little as $1.99! I checked at WalMart and couldn't even find a better deal on their lesser quality sheets.

On my bookshelf....
I have a LOT of library books that all came in at once. I will probably do a book review on all the books in my sidebar list later on this month. However, right now I'm in the middle of two books: The Plug In Drug by Marie Winn and When the Fairy Dust Settles by Janet Parshall and Sarah Parshall Perry. I referred to the latter one in Wednesday's post.

In the basement....
I'm still clearing out baby clothes. I have two big bags and four boxes in my car right now ready to be dropped off at different places, and I have hardly made a dent in all I have stored. I've received one gift card to Children's Orchard and have two mamas and a crisis pregnancy center ready to receive the rest.

Spring cleaning....The only difference between my regular cleaning routine and my spring cleaning routine is the season in which it is done. I usually do a little each day, but we are trying to have a cleaning day where we do most of the big chores all at once. Each child chose a monthly task they wanted to do, then we all pitched in with the weekly chores.

In homeschooling....
Heritage Studies became a lesson on adoption and abortion and teaching my first grader place value became a lesson for me when my 3-year-old recognized just about every number--not a great feat but one I didn't have to teach him!

My online picks of the week....Mary Kassian's True Woman Conference speech that I found out about from Kelly, successfully selling on Craigslist, saving money on groceries, free Sunday School printables and the Old Schoolhouse Planner that I really want to get for next year! I'm also still enjoying the online health classes I mentioned last week.

Feel free to share some of your home adventures this week!


  1. I thought this was a fun post, so I wrote one too and liked back here. I hope you don't mind.

  2. How fun! I'll come over there to see yours. Anyone else?