Friday, February 27, 2009

Confessions of a Former Adrenaline Addict

Note: I decided to dispense with the recipe challenge. There was so little participation, I would feel badly about choosing from just a few people. I will probably try the submitted recipes, though, and let you know my family's rating.

Sitting here preparing to do a home post, I'm feeling a bit like a hypocrite. I ate dinner at my mom's house tonight, my kitchen floor needs a good mopping, there is laundry piled up in my laundry room and it will take me a good half hour in the morning to do the "pick up and put away" routine. Then I remember that I'm not here to set the perfect example of a housekeeper (though I'm working on it!) but to encourage you as keeper of your home.

You see, there was a time when I wasn't too thrilled about my house. I always wanted to go "out" and to "get away". I'm certainly not an expert on adrenaline addiction having only recently heard of it, but I think I was a victim in the early days of my home-keeping. I grew up in a busy pastor's home where something was always going on, someone was always there or we weren't there. If you're a PK, you might be able to relate. If not, just trust me on this one.

I married a normal guy that actually liked to live in his home. (Imagine!) A perfect evening for him was lounging on the couch to take a nap after a busy work day. Not that I ever let him indulge! No, not in those early days. "Let's go somewhere!" Let's do something!" I would whine plead.

I tried to keep this up after my daughter was born--running from here to there all day long and trying to get my husband to do the same when he got home. To make a long story short, I frustrated my daughter and myself (My Man was already sufficiently frustrated!). After much prayer, trial and error, I finally learned (and I'm still learning!) from my husband and Godly women how to enjoy my home. Song lyrics from one of my favorite singers say it well:

There are beautiful houses sitting empty all day
Busyness taking the living away
It's time and attention the family cries for
Home ought to be so much more.

A young mother longs for a listening ear
When she needs to talk,
Her husband's not near
They go through the motions but something has died
Empty attempts with no love inside.

A young boy came home from school
And no one was there
He turned to his friends to find someone who'd care
Oh! how he'd love to have his mother around
But she's gone again and not to be found.

Is there anyone home?
Is there anyone home?
Where is the light in the window?
Hearts need a place of their own.
Is there anyone home?
Is there anyone home?
We all need a place to feel
Love that's alive and real
Hearts need a place to call home.

Recently my sister came from another state for a visit. One day she called to say she was coming over to take me and the kids to the mall with her. Wanting to oblige her since I don't see her often, I packed up the kids who were happily playing and met her at the mall. After two back-breaking hours of carrying my baby around in the sling, chasing my 3-year-old down a million times and watching the kids ride the little coin-operated rides (not with my coins--Grandma's and Auntie's!), I had made one small purchase and was completely exhausted. As we were headed out, I noticed my sister hadn't bought a thing. "Why did you come if you weren't going to buy anything?" I asked curiously. "Oh, I just thought you needed to get out of the house," was her reply.

How do you enjoy your home?


  1. Hey!! Plus I wanted to spend time with you at the mall since I NEVER get to anymore! It wasn't just to get you out of the house...however, it is good to do so sometimes touche? Plus, doing something with the kids besides playing a game at home was a change of pace for me too... remember, i have to cram in everthing i would normally spread out over months at a time into one visit so... :0) Besides, remember what lady-in-waiting always says about me? "nana's always ready for an adventure"! :0)

  2. I think a household works best with routine, you had no routine and your husband has always had routine.

    I think if you traded places with your husband for a week, you would understand why he doesn't always want to go out. When you've worked hard all day, when you get home you just want to have a rest. It is extremely irritating when someone says let go here or lets go there. When I get in from work, unless it's an emergency or I really need to do something, I'm quite content relaxing at home.

    My mum always taught me to fix up my house before going out. Even until now, I make sure my laundry is somewhat up to date, my house is mostly clean and there is nothing major out of place, before I even consider going out anywhere. I am glad my mum taught me that.

    I will never understand housewives/homekeepers who are never in their homes. It's like a shepherd who is never with his sheep, is he really a shepherd? If you want to be out and about, stay single or don't have kids and work, but if you're going to be a proper housewife learn to be content looking after your house and making it into a real home. I've read books how women in the 1950s kept their homes and they were true homemakers. They had routine and did their various tasks, I'm not sure what to make of the housemakers today.

    I work, look after my fur babies, cook (which I hate), clean, iron and wash. My house is mostly in order and I'm out all day working. Why can't housewives look after their homes when they don't work?

  3. Joanna,It was a great adventure! Just glad you don't do it all the time. LOL

    Sarah, I agree with the shepherd/homekeeper analogy. However, I think my willingness to go and his to stay had more to do with our attitudes about home than where we had already been that day. It's a great idea to fix up the house before you go out. As far as looking after a home when not working, this is much simpler before kids. In my case I spend time playing with and teaching my kids which I feel is more important than housework.

  4. Wanted to pop in and say THANK YOU! I received my 101 Things To Do With Meatballs yesterday and there are some yummy looking recipes in there. Can't wait to try some.

    On the topic of the day:
    I have the best of both worlds....I am a stay-at-home working woman. In addition to being a stay-at-home wife we also own a business and I do the office end here at home as well as serving as the treasurer of our church.

    Routine and schedules are great for keeping your home in order, laundry done, meals planned and prepared on time but with three little ones at home, as well as homeschooling they become almost imperative so you can have time to stop for those unscheduled moments children are so often throwing our way.

    One thing I learned, while my children were growing up, was SIMPLIFY! Keep your home as clutter-free as possible. One thing I've learned is that often people don't want to stay home more because their homes are not clean and comfortable. I have a girlfriend like that. She and her husband don't want to go home to their mess, yet when they get there they are too tired to clean it up because they're spent all their energy "running around."

  5. I'm learning the importance of routines, schedules and simplifying. Thanks for the affirmation, Judy!

  6. I just wanted to let you know about the smile you put on my face reading this post. My friends have "play dates" like this once a month at the mall or a business. They call them chat-n-chase and I never go. With four kids, all I do is chase and never chat so they see me once a year (seriously) at one mom's home for what has become more of a joke than anything. The friend who hosts at her house in February just laughs when she sees me with the kids because that is my annual outing with that group of moms. Nice to have something in common with someone else. Thanks for the smile, made my day.